What to expect from the new teTradition blog

14 years of living beside one of the oldest community forests in British Columbia, has definitively rubbed off.   Not only do we design our buildings ‘on the stump’, meaning we consider what is growing in the forest before we start the design process, but we have also become the largest customer of Harrop-Procter Forest Products.  The FSC certified value added division of the Harrop-Procter Community Cooperative.

This blog will keep you up to date on the happenings in our timber framing and clay- brick-making world.   For good measure we will also be throwing in some architectural conservation work, because it is always good to remind ourselves where we have come from as we are attempting steer forward.


P.S. The toughest part of a day on our South Shore of Kootenay Lake is the ‘Ferry Sunrise’!

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