About Us

At teTradition we strive to re-invigorate an age old relationship between nature and architecture.   The archetype of the Tetrad is the starting point for nature’s most fundamental building blocks:  Four points configured in geometric patterns that speak to Creativity, Simplicity and Strength.

The ability to create architectural structures in cooperation with their environment is one of our most important goals.  We call it ecosystem based architecture.

The ecosystems of the Kootenay region in Southern British Columbia are dominated by steep forested valleys and large bodies of water.

Timber and Clay are not only perfect partners in the building world but both can also be found in abundance in our local environment.

We work closely with Harrop-Procter Forest Products.  This Community cooperative supplies us with all of our FSC certified wood products.

Our own in house Thermal Imaging and Insulation Equipment allows us to delivered all our projects to the highest performance standard.

If you are visiting us from outside the Kootenays please contact us we would like to  assist you with the development of your own Bio Regional Ecosystem Based Architecture.